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Her Book of Hours© By Laura Kuo


Her Book of Hours follows a love story between two characters in real-time, under eighty moon cycles. Their tale, told by Lene, documents how she discovers her twin soul and falls irretrievably in love.

Through her writing, and the power of archetype and myth, Lene builds on their connection between dimensions. Using personal diaries, moon chronicles, and erotic letters to her beloved, she shares esoteric teachings and transmissions of the divine feminine. These writings are her “book of hours”—from the prayer and psalms devotional books of medieval Christianity, The Book of Hours.   Here, Lene’s voice reclaims and re-narrativizes “religion,” and “God” from the desire and longing of woman, which contains the seed of humanity, and the interface between eroticism and spirituality.  

Lene’s writings reveal her passage to self-realization through the archetype of the Lovers. Baring her heart and soul, Lene expresses the ecstatic passion and pain of true love—celebrating the Tantric divinity of flesh. Her Book of Hours takes readers into the intimacy of this sacred love affair, as if peering through the gossamer silk netting of their bridal chamber, and bearing witness to their communion.

Literary publication forthcoming 


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