numen lunae

Intuitive Consulting



light, spirit, divine, holy, god


lu·nae/lū-nay/noun/nominative plural of luna        

moons, days of the moon


Laura Kuo, a light channel and intuitive, offers psycho-spiritual guidance, life path consulting, and integrative healing work designed to address your specific needs.

Her client services support both individuals and businesses. While she conducts all sessions by phone, she may offer in-person, on site, after-hours, and weekend sessions by special request. 

Laura guides those in many diverse areas and is known especially for her energetic and sound healing, trance work, and psychic coaching related to shifting timelines; relationships; fertility;  conscious conception and pregnancy; divine feminine and masculine embodiment; and inner twin soul reunification. 

A certified hypnotherapist with masters training across a range of healing modalities, Laura also holds a Ph.D. in the History of Consciousness, a world-renowned program at the University of California at Santa Cruz. She worked as an academic for many years before committing full time to the healing arts. 

Laura’s gifts of claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, forms of extrasensory perception, stream from universal consciousness as messages for her clients.  She experiences these communications through thoughts, feelings, and emotions, archetypes and other visual imagery—as well as voices from the divine. 

Laura channels guidance and healing according to each client’s individual experience and life questions. She responds to issues involving the physical/pain body, the emotional/ intellectual body, and as they intersect with the spiritual/metaphysical body.

In sessions, Laura connects with you intuitively and tunes into your higher self, the wellspring and expression of divine wisdom. Your superconscious holds space for your subconscious healing.  

As a light channel, Laura “downloads” the highest frequency of Source Consciousness, mediated by the archangels and ascended masters who inhabit the channel. All her communications respond to each client’s soul age, as it manifests now.

She then brings you into the channel for you to commune with your own light guides, allowing you to experience guidance and healing directly. This aspect of Laura’s practice makes her work extremely rare and unique. 

As she channels guidance for you, Laura offers powerful clarity, insight, and transformation. However, when she takes you into this realm to connect for yourself, you receive the opportunity to see your life from your higher self. Working with Laura transports you into the outer dimensions of Source, where you can meet and converse with your guides, and journey with them. In this numinous and magical state, you will discover an incomparable healing experience.

Your soul is infinite. Throughout many lifetimes, your soul gets reborn into a new body—each time an opportunity for you to master lessons you have contracted with the universe to learn. Unlimited by time, space, or logic, your soul wisdom contains all the experiences and memories gathered over multiple lifetimes.  

Within parallel universes, your multidimensional awareness embraces all past, present, and future lives simultaneously—bypassing the linearity of time. Your subconscious mind records all lessons and deeds from your past, present, and future. Your superconscious, holds and guards these records, which determine each karmic lifetime. Indeed, beyond time, duality, and separation, which confine us in the third dimension, multidimensional consciousness perceives all facets of the cosmic prism in one seamless instant.

While in this multidimensional awareness, we realize that everything that seems real in the third dimension (the physical universe) turns out to be unreal, and what seems “unreal” (Spirit, God) shines with a luminous, unmistakable reality. 

The egoic mind cannot encapsulate metaphysical realities; it can create only limited dualistic projections. Faith means accepting and trusting what we can never know through scientific facts in the third dimension. On the other hand, the universal archetype of “Science” in the fifth dimension (light body) reveals “God’s view.” In God’s perception, “data” come after you put faith in action. In the metaphysical domain, “Science” (as an archetype) exists in the unseen—the nondual omniscience and oneness of consciousness. By integrating guidance you receive in the channel, and by exercising your freewill to act in accordance, you will discover the mysteries of abundance in the unseen, as they become seen in your everyday reality.

If your soul’s age gives you the capacity to see, you will be guided and shown. Your “soul age” marks where the soul has arrived on its journey toward illumination. Each incarnation has the capacity to unfold greater integration or revert to disintegration. Souls who carry heavy karma across many lifetimes integrate higher light within each lifetime. They arrive in each new incarnation with ripening karmic seeds that foster greater virtue, altruism, compassion and wisdom in harmonic convergence with the divine. Having transcended former suffering, souls of advanced age connect to a higher path, activate their highest light capacity, and accelerate their light destiny in service to humankind. This time of ascension calls light workers to awaken to serve the planet, filled with joy and light.  Our greatest happiness and abundance flow from our service to the whole.

When we live for and through the whole as multidimensional beings, we manifest a life of gold, align heart, mind, and action, and ignite the atma of our high heart, the three-fold flame of wisdom, power, and love.  

The channel offers you a palpable experience of your soul’s light destiny in the presence of the divine. In the channel, you see deeper into metaphysical reality, “God’s view,” and break through the false prisms of the 3-D world. You experience the ascension and acceleration of your frequency, guided to hold that vibration and attract like energy in all areas of your life: love, health, career, and general well being.

The channel guides you through past and future lives, taking you into the eternal love and beyond the peace of loved ones who have passed. Through the alchemy you experience in the present moment in the channel, past and future become transmuted to a higher vibration. You experience the alchemy that underlies the law of attraction; you see, hear, feel, and touch life within your awakened self; and you receive divine messages from your light angels and spiritual counsel. You commune with your essential self, your divine complement, and realize your cosmic purpose. This work offers a life-altering experience: being held in the womb of the universe, guided to self-realization and fifth-dimensional awareness.  

Being in the channel reaches into your core being and spirit; it clears, illuminates, and heals you, as you bathe in pure light awareness. This comprehensive approach to healing brings about rapid, powerful, and lasting transformations that will dramatically improve your life—and take you into the next dimension available to your soul in this lifetime. 


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